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XXIV International roundtable on nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids 2022

With Roger Strömberg as chair of the organizing committee, the IRT 2022 gathered around 400 participants amongst them some members of the OLIGOMED Consortium. The conference was very well and thoughtful organized by hosting inspirational speakers from across the world being based in industry or in academia. The speakers session were held in the Aula Medica, one of Stockholms most innovative buildings. Great discussions were evolving from their lectures and also during captivating poster sessions, where young researchers were able to unfold their engagement in the field.

In this occasion, the ESR certainly opened up their mind into new ways of thinking about their personal project and gain valuable insights into the wide field of nucleic acids. There were plenty of networking opportunities throughout the conference including two exceptional and unique gatherings. The Welcome Reception was hosted at Stockholm’s City Hall, where each years Nobel prize banquet takes place. In the old factory of Alfred Nobel, situated in Vinterviken, the participants were gathered for the Symposium Dinner served by one of Sweden’s most reputed chefs Marcus Aujalay.


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