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Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board includes world-leading experts in oligonucleotide chemistry. The SAB is supporting our research and training, and keeps an overview of our achievements, milestones and deliverables. The SAB will also ensure the quality standards of the individual personal development plans at the start of the ETN and check their implementation by yearly revision and approval.

tom brown.png

Prof. Tom Brown

University of Oxford, UK

patrick hrdlicka.png

Prof. Patrick Hrdlicka

University of Moscow Idaho, US

rohanah hussain.png

Dr. Rohanah Hussain

Diamond Light Source Ltd., UK (B23)

janex plavec.png

Prof. Janez Plavec

University of Ljubljana, SI

hanna radecka.png

Prof. emeritus Hanna Radecka

Polish Academy of Sciences
Olsztyn, PL

mitshuhiko shionoya.png

Prof. Mitsuhiko Shionoya

University of Tokyo, JP


Nucleic acid development and ON design for diagnostics and therapeutics; industrial experience through several spin-off SMEs


Nucleic acid development and ON design for diagnostics and therapeutics


Structural characterisation of biotherapeutics with Circular Dichroism (CD) spectroscopy of proteins and DNA; drug delivery of lipo-therapeutics and drug formulation


Structural analysis of biomolecules with NMR, in particular DNA having different canonical structures including G-quadruplexes


Design and implementation of ultra-sensitive DNa sensors using micro-electrochemistry


DNA/RNA nucleobase recognition, inhbition of gene expression, anti-HIV agents, DNA wires, DNA bio-technology

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