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Transferable Skills

Alongside technical knowledge, OLIGOMED will provide a number of non-scientific training to make best use of the industry know-how available in the network and to prepare the ESRs for future employment in industry. Transferable skills, such as IP management, entrepreneurship and other business skills, are key elements of dedicated workshops and summer school.

Complementary and transferable skills training courses & workshops:

The training events are based on:

  • Presentations from industrial leaders

  • Q&A session involving ESRs and private sector representatives

  • Discussion of case studies from industrial leaders

  • Use of role-playing mimicking real scenarios in learning and understanding of the theory

The courses and workshops will be delivered during the network wide events:

  • Welcome event - online (2021)

  • Training week 1 - Marseille, FR (2021)

  • Training week 2 - Gent, BE (2022)

  • Training week 3 -  Mallorca, ESP (2022)

  • Training week 4 - Warsaw, PL (2023)

  • Training week 5 -  Udine, IT (2024)

Training by Specialists:

Our partner VITAE is a specialist in training and will deliver tailored workshops for the ESRs, and will guide the support provided by industrial and academic supervisors.

VITAE will support the professional and career development of ESRs through the Researcher Development Framework:

  • A one-day workshop on the value of Engaging in Professional Development Planning

  • A two-day workshop on Effective and Collaborative Researcher

  • A two day workshop on Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Enhancing career perspectives and employability:

A specific training event in the final network-wide meeting is targeted at the ESRs next career steps and will involve

  • transferable skill training in grant writing

  • EU research project management

  • outlining private sector career opportunities.

From this, ESRs will have:

  • Enhanced career perspectives in academic, private and public sector

  • Awareness of career pathways

  • Ability of successful application writing and management

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