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Dr Ulf Tedebark


Research Institutes of Sweden, Department Chemical Process and Pharmaceutical Development, Södertälje, Sweden



Ulf Tedebark is Innovation Leader at Research Institutes of Sweden, Södertälje, Stockholm County, Sweden.


Ulf Tedebark has 25 years of experience from small independant CRO to large Life Science corporations in design and manufacturing of tailor-made biomolecules (carbohydrates, oligonucleotides and peptides) for various life science and therapeutic applications in academic and industrial collaborations.


Ph.D, Stockholm University 1996.

Work experience in Life Science:

Biomolecules and Conjugates Innovation Leader, RISE, Sweden, 2016 to date

CEO and Founder, SynMer AB, Sweden, 2013–2016

Staff Scientist, GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB, Sweden, 2009–2013

Sr Scientist, Amersham Bioscencies, Sweden, 2002–2009

Scientist, Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AB, Sweden, 1998–2002

Post-Doc, Carlsberg Research Center, Denmark, 1996–1998


Host Laboratory

Research activities in the group of Tedebark and Bollmark are focused on orthogonal conjugation techniques to obtain constructs containing combination of oligonucleotide derivatives and at least one other entity from the groups of peptides, proteins (mAb), carbohydrates, lipids or small molecules to allow targeted delivery and tailored release conditions at the site of action. This involves organic chemistry transformation and introduction of handles for selective conjugation as well as preparation of larger amounts of building blocks. The laboratory (being the former Process Development and Pharmaceutical Department of AstraZeneca) has full access to equipment to facilitate process development of larger scale synthesis of building blocks and automated synthesis instruments for subsequent introduction into oligomers.




+46 10 516 65 53

Bioeconomy and Health
Department Chemical Process and Pharmaceutical Development
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Forskargatan 18
151 36 Södertälje

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