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Oligomed Week 4

The students started the year 2024 with a network meeting in Tallinn, Estonia and were welcomed by a winter wonderland. The program combined lectures, talks and a visit to the local research institute. Led by the two experienced researchers Roger Stromberg and Eugen Stulz a scientific writing workshop provided a deep dive into the art of conveying complex scientific concepts with clarity and precision. From crafting compelling abstracts to polishing manuscripts, every aspect of the writing process was expertly explored. Additionally we had the opportunity to host 4 speakers during the programm, each bringing their expertise to the forefront! Thank you Enrico Cadoni, Kariem Ezzat, Tatiana Moiseeva and C. I. Edvard Smith for your exciting and inspiring talks!

The meeting was further complemented by a visit to TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology where we had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities and engaging with brilliant minds behind groundbreaking projects. The commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge were evident in every aspect of the institute's work.


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